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Narra Soy Candle in Coral Ceramic Bowl (Ginger, Pine, Orange - 250ml)

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Illuminate your space with our Narra candle showcased in a charming ceramic bowl adorned with a vibrant floral design in coral accentuated be delicate teal accents on the inside. The Narra fragrance, renowned for it popularity, boasts a strong hot throw that fills the air with its captivating aroma.

These beautiful bowls not only serve as a decorative piece but also create a stunning visual impact when displayed in pairs on stands. With two wicks for an even and consistent burn, the candle radiates a warm glow that can brighten up any room, complementing various color schemes with its versatile hues.

Product: Soy Candle, 250ml, 5" diameter bowl / 2.5" height / 2 wicks
Scent: Narra (Ginger, Pine, Orange)
Packaging: Candle in a ceramic bowl, placed in a brown box with a ribbon and a tassel

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