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Our team works together with you on color combinations, fabric choices and monograms to ensure that items are unique. This guarantees that each work of art — embroidered, quilted or monogrammed is yours to call your own.


Create special gift sets designed for showers, baptisms, weddings, and other special occasions. All items may be packaged beautifully in quilted baskets or in an assortment of pretty boxes.


Monogrammed products to help you organize and brighten your personal belongings. Whether it be toiletry cases, laundry bags, suitcase organizers, items for your home or even for your little one, you are assured of a hand-crafted piece.

"We are passionately committed to keeping this craft alive, supporting our artisans, and staying true to the handmade process, which makes each and every item from our workshop unique and special. "



Every family is built on memories, of ways of doing things, passed on to generations. A secret recipe, reliable holiday traditions or an heirloom piece of clothing. Cabaña workshop’s hand-made, precious and personalized products is a marked family legacy, spanning three generations.

Every product in our collection is meticulously crafted with care and attention to detail. From the initial design concept to the precise patternmaking, each piece is thoughtfully created to ensure the highest level of quality and beauty.

It all started with my Mamaita – our family’s grandmother who resided in what was known as the Cabaña in the family home. There, a treasure of beads and fabric filled the shelves, the sound of sewing machines echoed in the background, and the chatter among workers, with Mamaita at the center of it all, embroidering magic. She believed that a gift had to be something memorable. She paid attention to detail and made sure that each piece was special. I still fondly remember  the matching outfits she made for me and my brother as well as the beautiful wedding gowns she crafted for my aunts. When I was little, I would spend hours in the Cabaña, her workshop, playing dress-up amidst the yards of fabric.

Upon Mamaita’s passing, it was only natural  for my Mom to continue the family tradition. She took over the workshop and employed the same dedicated workers who had become an extended part of our family. Our original Manangs trained our current community of workers, keeping Mamaita’s craftsmanship alive.

When Mom took over, she created the finest embroidered and monogrammed linen, sheets and towels for all the newlyweds in the family. And for the first-born grandchild of each of her children’s family, she made delicate crib sheets, pillows and matching embroidered items for the nursery. All colour-coordinated and personalized.

"When you support Cabaña Workshop, you are not just purchasing a product; you are becoming a part of our family’s story.  Your support allows us to sustain the livelihood of our dedicated workers, who have become an extended part of our family."

At Cabaña Workshop, we believe in going above and beyond to create exceptional products that bring joy and satisfaction to our customers. We give extra attention to every aspect of our craftsmanship.  We take pride in our commitment to delivering excellence and making your experience with our products truly special.

After the birth of my eldest daughter, I joined Mom and started Cabaña Workshop, this store. Here we pioneered home, personal and baby products that were personalized with a monogram. This touch gave each piece a unique mark, elevating the gift-giving experience for our customers. As we continue to expand our offerings, we make sure that each piece produced from our workshop carries with it time-honoured traditions.

As you feel the texture of the embroidery or the sweet surprise of seeing your monogrammed name, we hope it evokes joy and pleasure for you and generations to come.


As you explore our website, expect to find a curated collection of embroidered treasures that celebrate love, warmth, and the beauty of thoughtful gifting.  Each item has been carefully crafted to bring joy and create lasting memories for you and your loved ones.

As our clients have grown with us through the years, so did our team and our processes. Our team works together with you on color combinations, fabric choices and monograms to ensure that items are unique.

Our products vary from personal belongings, items for the home or even for your little one, personal and corporate gift suggestions to travel pieces. We work with you to ensure that each work of art – embroidered, quilted or monogrammed is yours to call your own.